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What we offer


What we can do, and where

We can provide financing solutions, as well as Engineering Procurement and Construction frameworks for your projects. Through our financial partners, we can arrange for any government a very flexible and attractive financial package to large government-sponsored infrastructure investments in the following:

Infrastructure projects

Renewable energy  -  Harbours  -  Airports  -  Power plants  -  Communication systems  -  Oil and gas / Mining  -   Roads construction  -   Transport

Development projects

Factories  -  Industrial development  -  Waste treatment facilities  -  Housing projects  -  Hotels and resorts  -  Theme parks

Humanitarian projects

Potable water  -  Hospital construction  -  Affordable health programs  -  Unprivilleged children care projects  -  Old age care facilities

How we do it

Mataraxia Ltd utilises Private Placement Programs (PPP) through the U.S. Federal Security & Exchange Commission (SEC). Fillings such as 540, 505 and 506, just to name a few, are used for raising capital to diversify our portfolio. Mataraxia Ltd also associates with other Insurance and Investment Professionals in expanding our client’s ability to receive industry advice and products with appropriately tailored Financial Planning, Consultation, Investment Products, and Market Investments and Strategies.

The solutions we support

Project Finance, Trade Finance & Monetization solutions

We provide Off-Balance Sheet, Limited Recourse, or Non-Recourse project financing for major international development projects.

Mataraxia provides project finance, trade finance, contract finance and monetization services worldwide, and with each our inexorable commitment to make every client deal more profitable. Our team is built on a diversified background on industries, we specialize in financing major infrastructure projects. Stable financing, efficient execution, expert solutions and customer service are how we help clients succeed.

Import, Export & Trade Funding

To meet the growing demand and minimize the impact of the global shortage of trade finance, we offer a variety of trade funding solutions that enhance your ability to trade globally, improve cash flow, and make your business more profitable. Our innovative trade funding solutions will make doing business internationally easier and more profitable, while providing individuals, companies, governments and other organizations a range of real-world trade finance solutions. We bring global expertise and an array of trade funding options to every deal while our team of experts works seamlessly to provide you the trade financing your business needs.

We finance the following types of PPP

  • Build – Operate – Transfer (BOT

  • Build – Own – Operate (BOO)

  • Build – Own – Operate – Transfer (BOOT)

  • Design – Build

  • Design – Build – Finance

  • Design – Construct – Maintain – Finance (DCMF)

  • O & M (Operation & Maintenance)

Financial Instrument Monetization

Recourse & Non-Recourse Monetization of Financial instruments for the intention of Project Funding.

Monetizing bank instruments is the process of liquidating bank instruments by converting them into cash. We can monetize for our clients:

Bank Guarantee (BG)  -  Sovereign Guarantees (SG)  -  Stand-By Letters of Credit (SBLC)  -  Bank Draft  -  Medium Term Notes (MTN)  -  Long Term Note (LTN).

We also offer to provide Monetization against some SKR (Safe keeping receipts) of selected tangible assets.

Risk Reduction through Wrap-up Insurance

Wrap up insurance is an effective way of insuring all of the liability risks associated with construction projects are appropriately addressed as identifying and managing them can be a confusing and daunting for the parties involved. The traditional insurance approach requires each party to procure and maintain separate coverage. Generally, the contractor and subcontractor then include the cost of insurance, plus a mark-up in their project bids.

Image by Jason Dent

Monetizations we use

There are four monetization solutions that we use. With the widespread adoption of blockchain technology, Mataraxia Ltd will adopt one more monetisation instrument in 2022, which is based on such technology. The following monetization instruments are globally trusted and used by the top 20 banks of the world.

A Bank Guarantee (BG) is delivered between the two banks through SWIFT MT799 and SWIFT MT760.