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Infrastructure projects

Social housing US$1.5 billion

Fuel supply chain development
US$45 million

Hydrant system and tank farm 12 million

SGMS Ghana Limited have signed a Commercial contract with the Ministry of works and Housing of Ghana for the construction of a total of 30,000 social housing blocks, which is to be delivered in 5 years. TBEA China has been appointed as EPCF (Engineering Procurement Construction and Finance) for this project and the Financial close is being finalised for construction to commence in 2022. The project is to be jointly financed by Mataraxia Ltd and TBEA upon receipt of the Bank Guarantee from the Government of Ghana.

In association with the HANSA CONSORTIUM Germany, Momenrendum of Understanding (MOU) have been signed with GEpetrol Equatorial Guinea for the construction of an alternative provision fuel supply chain for the Malabo airport, Equatorial Guinea. The project is planned for 20,000 cbm of Jet fuel, costing US$45 million.

Instalation of a fuel hydrant system, tank farms and a fuel supply infrastructure, and renovation of existing tank farms at the new Lome airport, Togo for a cost of  €12 million. The project was undertaken in association with SGMS SARL TOGO, the Engineering Procurement Construction company contracted by the Togolese government. The phase 3 of the program is currently under installation.

Waste powered power plant
220 million

Mataraxia has proposed to finance waste to Energy and organic fertilizer plants in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo  at a cost of €500 million.


Mataraxia is in close collaboration with Sonetwork, a subsidiary of Pyrocox, for the physical implementation of this multi-purpose waste treatment facility. Mataraxia provides 100% finance on Build, Operate, Transfer (B.O.T.) basis over a 20 Years Period.


SONETWORK LLP UK have signed commercial contract with the Government of DRC for the installation of a waste treatment facility to treat municipal waste at a rate of 2000 tons/day.


A power purchase agreement for electricity and offtake agreement for organic fertilizer have been signed with the Government of DRC. The Sovereign Guarantee for €220 million will be issued in favor of MATARAXIA LTD to avail credit facility to finance the project.