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Our mission

Mataraxia's mission is to help individuals, corporations and Governments in developing countries to determine and achieve their financial and fund raising goals through a comprehensive financial management process.  Our role and interest is to provide suitable financial packages for the projects and also that of an independent and trusted financial consultant to enable us to oversee and control the Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) tender process as well as the project quality and timely progress, thereby providing personalized service with uncompromising integrity.

Our vision

Our vision is to create inspirational, long-standing financial and project development solutions that allow humanity to flourish. We continuously harp on our holistic approach in all the projects we handle and finance by creating value for our clients, employees, society and shareholders by considering social, environmental and economic risks and opportunities in our business processes and strategies.


What we are about

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Who we are

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What we do

Mataraxia Limited UK is an Infrastructure Development and Project Finance Company. We have dealings with major banks and very extensive relationship with Private investment funds and institutions and in The United States of America and European Union operating under strict international rules and regulations. These factors allow us to access alternative financing solutions for substantial amounts at advantageous conditions, which enables us to provide innovative solutions to funding requirements outside the conventional markets, including equity funding and investment capitals.

We can arrange for any government a very flexible and attractive financial package to large government sponsored infrastructure investments in the following areas:

Infrastructure projects

Renewable energy  -  Harbours  -  Airports  -  Power plants  -  Communication systems  -  Oil and gas / Mining  -   Roads construction  -   Transport

Development projects

Factories  -  Industrial development  -  Waste treatment facilities  -  Housing projects  -  Hotels and resorts  -  Theme parks

Humanitarian projects

Potable water  -  Hospital construction  -  Affordable health programs  -  Unprivilleged children care projects  -  Old age care facilities


Mataraxia Limited was incorporated in Mauritius in 2015 and in the UK in 2020. With operation and administration office in France, the Mataraxia team utilizes global strategic partnerships to manage all funds and projects. Apart from its physical establishment in Ghana and Togo, has also identified prospective presence in Tunisia, Mali, Sudan, Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon, Eq. Guinea, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Tanzania, Botswana, Madagascar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, and Panama


TBEA provides solutions for the global energy business.

TBEA Group is one of the world’s largest EPC-F contractor in infrastructure sectors, and has been developping projects for over 20 years and in over 62 countries.

TBEA is strongly supported by the Chinese government and private financial intuitions. Their wide variety of effective financing resources has successfully assisted their clients around the world to attain preferential credit. TBEA has signed a credit line of US$10 Billion with the Exim bank of China, and is well positioned to offer their commitment to technological and financial investments in infrastructure.

RMJM Airports in association with March 11 provide state of the art architectural services for airport design and construction. These design and masterplanning specialists bring 65+ years of experience and a legacy of global knowledge and modern design to projects. Clients have access to consultants for every stage of a project’s progress. This ensures that clients are supported to make the best possible decisions for their project in every phase.

Pyrocox / Sonetwork, LLP (UK) in close collaboration with Mataraxia Ltd as financial partner offers governmental organizations and private companies a complete solution for the treatment and valorization / recovery of domestic waste, through an internationally-recognized and unique patent concept. This innovative technology takes care of the environment in converting 98% of the wastes into
energy/fuel and fertilizer, while recycling ferrous scrap metals, following the COP 21 rules.
This technology also takes into account the technical difficulties countries can face. The solution is therefore adaptable globally, with no smell, no landfills and without pollution of the air nor the soil.

Modular Engineered to Order Liquid and Gas Process systems “Skid Mounted packages ready to Plug In” Power Generation, Skid-Mounted Modular Process Systems

The Hansa Consortium and CJG are in collaboration to provide a total solutions package across the aviation fuel value chain, dealing with safety, compliance to regulation, standards and guidelines with a focus on commercial efficiency, all without compromise on the technical quality.

Logistro Consulting International Inc. (LCI) provides services focused on the identification, analysis, optimization and implementation of fast, effective and durable solutions. Logistro is able to provide for a wide range of industry fields such as transport, infrastructure, IT, manufacturing, and engineering; acting at any stage of the project life cycle, with onsite or near site services to cover all aspects desired.

SGMS offers global expertise of experienced engineers, technicians and draftsmen covering all disciplines of mechanical and process engineering, pipeline construction, electrical engineering, automation, information technology, civil engineering and construction.

Streamline Geo provides consulting services for the Mining and Exploration Industry, and is specialised in metalliferous Exploration. Streamline Geo is working with Mataraxia Ltd in order to bridge the Mining and Exploration Industry with the creative financing solutions Mataraxia Ltd provides.

Team Mataraxia

The team is led by the group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr. Daniel Picq. Having implemented several EPC projects in West Africa and experiencing the difficulty in obtaining finance for infrastructure projects, the idea of Mataraxia was born as a corporate holding company and a financial arm for project financing. Led by corporate finance principles and based on trusted partnerships and access to various sources of capital, Mataraxia is actively involved in Project Financing worldwide.


Mr Daniel Picq

Chief Executive Officer

40+ years' experience in business development, management, project strategy, design and implementation within several domains and industries such as Civil Engineering, Materials, Mining, Environment, and Finance. Expert in Engineering Procurement Construction, and Investment Programs and Budgets, his skillset is directly relevant to most of the projects Mataraxia undertakes. Daniel’s strong background  and network is the foundation of Mataraxia’s technical reach and global strategy.

Odile Dutheil CFO Mataraxia Ltd

Ms Odile Dutheil

Chief Financial Officer

Finance and General Management

25 years’ experience in Business and widely traveled. Expertize in general management and financial matters of the company.

  • Victory Mining, Madagascar, gem stone mining operations.

  • Impex Thorp Togo, building Maintenance.

  • SGMS Sarl, Togo, jet Fuel hydrant system

Shyam Vasnani Buisness Manager Mataraxia Ltd

Mr Shyam Vasnani

Business Manager

Project and Program Management

35 years’ experience in Project or Program Management and Implementation, Development of New programs as well as General Management & Administration, Business development, Product sourcing and International Trade development and Marketing.

Hassan Chokr Partner Mataraxia Ltd

Mr Hassan Chokr

Business Channel Partner

Exclusive Representative Africa

30 Years of Professional Experience in Business development and Management

Engineer at Electro Mechanical Cie which was Siemens agent in Abu Dhabi. Development, General management and administration of waste to energy project for Sonetwork LLP, UK in Africa and Middle east

Responsible for Mataraxia's market development in Africa

Allain Allegre EPC and Developper Mataraxia Ltd

Mr Alain Allegre

EPC and Developer

Experienced in installation and operation of waste to energy plants in Europe and Africa and related programs such as Pyrolysis and Organic Fertilizer.

Praful Khandelwal Partner Mataraxia Ltd

Mr Praful Khandelwal

Business Channel Partner

Exclusive Representative Asia and Middle East

Over 34 years of professional experience spanning a diversity of business segments, including  Government, Electronic Banking and Financial Services, Oil and Gas, Telecoms, Manufacturing and  Construction industries.


Responsible for the Company’s market development specifically in Asia and the Middle East.

Dimitri Dutheil Partner Mataraxia Ltd

Mr Dimitri Dutheil, MSc

Business Channel Partner

Representative for the Mining and Exploration Industry

Experienced and specialised in metaliferous Exploration Geology, Dimitri is the founder of Streamline Geo, an exploration consultancy enterprise. Well travelled, his network is used to bridge Mataraxia's financing systems to the Mining Industry world wide.


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